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Our WordPress and React work for HEC

We’ve been busy revamping some older sites that are part of the Hellenic Electronic Center: a long standing cultural site featuring a mix of WordPress and hand coded HTML sites. It was crucial to keep the content management options WordPress offers, partially for future contributors, but the HTML sites needed a bigger boost. HEC also…
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Migrating a 5 yr old Sass project to React

Back in 2014 I contracted at Forbes while they were migrating to Angular. It was before React was blowing up and I was still spending most of my time coding CSS. The project consisted of slicing PSD’s and developing responsive HTML/SCSS templates for ForbesLife, before handing them off to the senior developer to refactor with…
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Tesla Autopilot and AI development

The more one knows about computer systems and AI, the more fascinating it is to see how Tesla AI engineers are training the neural networks for the autopilot system utilizing PyTorch innovative machine learning framework. The Autopilot has 48 neural networks, that make 1,000 distinct predictions, and takes 70,000 GPU hours to train them in…
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