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We can help you assess, evaluate, develop, and execute a clear IT roadmap by providing Enterprise Architecture, Security, Vision, and Strategy solutions in alignment with your business needs.   


From modern Javascript applications to web veterans like Ruby on Rails and WordPress, our versatility in user experience and responsive design will help you attract customers across all devices.


We provide innovative solutions to increase your findability, including setting up your IT infrastructure & promoting your brand and message through social media channels.

We keep the big picture in mind

From IT Consulting to Web Development, to Digital Marketing and Social Media, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals. We provide a variety of creative solutions to transform your ideas into beautiful interactive experiences.


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IT Consultant & Developer 

Over thirty years in the IT industry with extensive experience in Enterprise Architecture and infrastructure modernization, aligning vision and strategy within a secure enterprise IT environment.


Web Developer 

Over fifteen years of experience in web development, design, and production. Preferred stacks include MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) and Ruby on Rails.

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Just Tech Talk

Our technology blog

Our WordPress and React work for HEC

We’ve been busy revamping some older sites that are part of the Hellenic Electronic Center: a long standing cultural site featuring a mix of WordPress and hand coded HTML sites.[…]

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Migrating a 5 yr old Sass project to React

Back in 2014 I contracted at Forbes while they were migrating to Angular. It was before React was blowing up and I was still spending most of my time coding[…]

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Tesla Autopilot and AI development

The more one knows about computer systems and AI, the more fascinating it is to see how Tesla AI engineers are training the neural networks for the autopilot system utilizing[…]

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